School of Rock and Hit Like A Girl are proud to announce that Aiwen Voth has been selected as the 2023 recipient of the Hit Like A Girl/School Of Rock Scholarship. Aiwen was chosen from hundreds of eligible entries based on her drumming and positive, enthusiastic attitude.

Aiwen is 11-years old and has participated in Hit Like A Girl since she was 8. She lives in Calgary, Canada and is a student at the ABC Drum School. At School of Rock, she'll have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with a band of her peers.

Click here to view Aiwen's Hit Like A Girl entry page.


HLAG 2023 • Turkey

Selin Dede

Turkey <18 1st Place

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Bilge Anya Katırcı

Turkey <18 2nd Place

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Arya Çakan

Turkey <18 3rd Place

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Çağla Aydin Aslan

Turkey 18+ 1st Place

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Deniz Şengezer

Turkey 18+ 2nd Place

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Kıvılcım Ağırdaş

Turkey 18+ 3rd Place

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HLAG 2023 • Southeast Asia

Michelle Verna Tan

International 2nd Place 13-17 (tie)
1st Place Popular 13-17
SE Asia <18 1st Place

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Gwen Shaluella

International 3rd Place 13-17
SE Asia <18 2nd Place
Moises Contest <18 1st Place

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Fathia Almaira Syifa

International Champion <13 (tie)
SE Asia <18 3rd Place

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Mai Singson

SE Asia 18+ 1st Place

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Kwansuree Atchariyahirunchai

SE Asia 18+ 2nd Place

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Wong Mindy

4th Place Popular 18-39/SE Asia 18+ 3rd Place

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Hit Like A Girl and The Sessions are proud to announce that Jolene Roponus has been selected as the recipient of the 2023 Joe Hibbs Award.

Created in honor of drum industry veteran, Joe Hibbs, the $500 grant is awarded each year to the Hit Like A Girl contest participant who demonstrates the highest levels of dedication, ambition and passion— the values that Joe possessed and made him such a positive influence on the drumming community and so respected by the people he worked with.

“This award is a way for us to honor Joe and empower more girls to follow their dreams,” explains The Sessions founder, Jules Follett.

Jolene is a 9-year old girl from the south Pacific island of Tahiti whose natural ability and infectious smile represent the great things that will come from the next generation of drummers.

Click here to view Jolene's Hit Like A Girl entry page.

HLAG 2023 • United Kingdom

Bunnie Greenhalgh

UK <18 1st Place

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Maya Akerman

UK <18 2nd Place

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Isobel Wood

UK <18 3rd Place

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Abbie Finn

UK 18+ 1st Place

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Harriet Cruickshank

UK 18+ 2nd Place

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Megan Mcguinness

UK 18+ 3rd Place

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