Alexandrina Gesheva


I am Alexandrina, 26 years old from Bulgaria. I have been playing drums in an all female band (People of Maha) for 5 years, and I have been playing on my own for a few extra years before that. My first time ever seeing a drumset up close and trying to play anything was during a music festival workshop, I fell in love with the instrument and it has been a major part of my life ever since that moment.

This is my second time entering the competition.
For this year’s entry I picked an original song that I have composed together with my band- Paradise and a small part of my cover of The Pineapple Thief’s White Mist(They are currently one of my favourite bands).

Impact: I have always wanted to try and make this world a little bit nicer to live in and I believe music can be an important tool for that. It allows you to reach out to others and make them feel less alone in their struggles or give them hope, or at least it does so for me. It can also be used to help others in a more practical way- by organising fundraising events for different causes and also voicing your opinion on socially important topics. Together with People of Maha I have managed to take part in charity events that allowed us to collect money and other resourses in order to help ukrainian refugees in our country and also help fund shelters for women who have been victims of abuse. I also hope we can inspire more women to pick up an instrument and not be afraid that it may not conform to social expectations.

Happy to see so many awesome drummers this year! Good luck to everyone!

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