Anastasiia Gorshova


Teacher/School: N.S.DrumSchool | Nadia Saltynska

Hi, my name is Nastya Gorshova, and I am an 11-year-old drummer. I have been playing the drums for three years, and I absolutely love it. Ever since I started drumming, I have found inspiration in the incredible talents of some of my favorite drummers.

Nadya Saltinskaya, Dave Weckl, Omar Hakim, Sheila E, Steve Smith, and Tomas Lang are among the amazing artists who have inspired me to pursue my passion for drumming. Their dedication, skill, and unique styles have taught me the importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving my goals.

As I continue to grow and develop as a drummer, I am more committed than ever to follow in the footsteps of these inspiring musicians. I know that with determination and the support of my heroes, I can overcome any challenges I may face and reach new heights in my drumming journey.

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