Angel Bukata

United States

Hello, Hit Like a Girl 2023. My name is Angel Bukata and I’m 17 yrs old. This will be my final year in the 13 to 17. I’m submitting a live performance I did with, Exigent, the song is, ( Low Life ) by Crobot. I love performing live. Performing live I get the chance to not only play live but to show everyone my passion, love & energy that goes into playing the drums. Hit Like a Girl has opened so many doors for me as a young female drummer. I even got the chance to be the drummer for the band, Exigent, and still am. I would like to give love to my bandmates, Jessica Elalouf/Lead vocals and Bass & Jacob Elalouf/Lead Guitar. Please don’t forget to check Exigent out to hear our original music.

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  1. Matthew on April 11, 2023 at 8:58 pm

    WOW, what energy and great timing. Keep it up!

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