Teacher/School: I had no drum teacher

Aybuke Solak is a composer, song writter, electric guitar player, keyboard player and a drummer from İstanbul, TURKEY. She is also the founder of the band named Existeins. She started her music career as a DJ in 2015. In a short after, she decided to improve herself and she started to get composing lessons and lessons of programmes such as Renoise, Cubase, Ableton. She founded a triphop-new age electronic band called Existeins with her electric guitar teacher Gökçer Güngören. With this journey, she gainned so much experiences. The Existeins released first album Mother in 2019. Aybuke wrote 6 songs and both Turkish and English lyrics. Nowadays, her band is performancing on very different stages. Currently, Aybuke wants a career as a drummer. Her passion about composing and playing drums is at the peak. She will take part in the next album of Existeins as composer and will play drummes on Existeins’s concerts.

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