Chelsea Cederbaum

United States

Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea. I’ve been playing drums for about 9 months. I’m self-taught through Drumeo. My favorite bands are Foo Fighters and The Beatles, and my favorite musicians are Dave Grohl and George Harrison. I love how they combine amazing music with being seemingly really genuine and kind people. I also love Joan Jett because she takes up so much space and takes no prisoners!

In addition to drums, I play guitar, bass, cello, and piano. I also sing. I’ve been playing music and performing since I was about 5. I also run a few open jams in my neighborhood, where I’ve loved helping to foster an inclusive and loving musical community. I’m hoping to be a small part of women being leaders in our musical communities.

I picked Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters for my submission because Dave and Taylor are my biggest drumming heroes and it’s just such a fun song to play! I really hope you enjoy my video! I’m honored to be part of this amazing contest.

PS: My husband had a lot of fun helping me make my video, and I want to thank him for all his love and support. 🙂

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