Chiara Cotugno


Teacher/School: Conservatory of Music Nicola Sala - Lizard Academy of Music, Italy.

I’m a drummer, a drum teacher, a music teacher and a Youtuber. I play in several bands; the main one is Strange Kind of Women, a well known all-female tribute to Deep Purple, with whom I perform all over Europe – and sometimes even in the rest of the world! I also have a personal project of progressive music called Sophya Baccini’s Aradia. I run a Youtube channel with more than 100.000 subscribers, in which I post lots of drum covers but also some drum solos or improvisations/personal arrangements on different genres of music. I started playing drums at 16, having my main influences in progressive and rock bands. My favourite drummers are Phil Collins, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gavin Harrison, John Bonham, Neil Peart, but also some more “modern” drummer such as Ash Soan and Chris Dave.

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