Chloe Phang Ziang Ee


Teacher/School: Mr. Ice

Hi everyone! My name is Chloe Phang Ziang Ee and I’m from Malaysia. I been learning drum since I’m 4. Why I’m playing drum and the answer might “I just love it”. Once the music or song played naturally my hand and feet will move too. My finger will tapping around in everywhere and anywhere. Haha that’s a bit funny about myself with the drum enthusiastic . I feel great when everyone like my performance and also it make a step up to let me improve myself and have my own idea. My idea always come from the online video. Well it didnt specifically refer to anyone just as long i can catch up the way it play then I will go for it. My mom is my fully supporter and we always learn the drum together. She also one of the influences in giving me the idea of playing beside of my drum teacher “Ice”. “If i had not loot” a song by Toni!Toni!Toni! which I choose to play because of the music Tempo which is much closer to my playing style. Something mix to reggae, pop, rnb, swing and which I just love the beat. One day while my mom driving home and out of sudden this song play on the radio. I asked my mom who is the singer and strike my brain with some groove that I should play along with it. Once I got back home I quickly grab my stick and try it out and design the play style. Hope you all enjoy watching!!!

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