Elif Beyzanur Gökçe


Teacher/School: Logos Sanat Akademisi

My name is Elif Beyzanur Gökçe. I’m 20 years old. I’m studying at Ege University in the department of nursing. My interest in music started recently and is now everywhere in my life. Sometimes I unwittingly find myself holding a rhythm and a smile forms on my face. Right now I consider drums my best friend. No matter what mood I’m in, it’s always good for me and it makes me very happy to have such a hobby. Under normal conditions, I took a professional shot for the competition, but I had a problem with editing and this problem continued until the last day despite my long efforts. I wanted to participate in this competition for a long time, and I spent a lot of effort for it. That’s why I wanted to participate in the competition, even with a video that I shot in class with my teacher. Hope to see you next year in a more professional way.

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