Gianna Grabher

United States

my name is gianna my friends call me gigi im 13 and i’ve been playing the drums for the past almost 10 years. i taught myself on a little plastic kit when i was 4 then i started taking lessons. i’ve been experimenting with different bands and i’ve done the performance program at school of rock for about 2 years. the song im playing on the video is toxicity by a system of a down. it’s a song we’re playing in the band. music is my life. i play piano, bass, i sing and do theater, and play a little guitar. i love skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, disneyland, hanging with my older sister, and of course music. mostly drums. drums helps me let out my feelings when i can’t go anyone else. my parents got divorced 5 years ago and my one way to escape all the other problems in my life was to listen to music or play the drums and just get taken away. it’s my one passion and i want to go pro when i’m older.

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