Lou Hanas


Teacher/School: CIAM

I chose to perform a Beyoncé medley rearranged by Nikko Ielasi and performed by student musicians from the Berklee school. What’s interesting about this track is that in 7min of listening, you can focus on a single instrument, any one, and technically take it all in stride. The musicians clearly have a level that impresses me and it is this feeling that feeds me and motivates me to work harder. I see it as a technical and theoretical lever that has allowed me to make a big leap forward in my work on set-ups as well as in my linear fill drum technique.

Beyond my performance, I’m really amazed by the rearrangement that Nikko Ielasi made. He is a source of inspiration for me in my writing and composition work. In my other references, I really liked the work of Michael League with “Lingus” in the group Snarky Puppy or the Bass&Batt symbiosis of the track “Follow the Light” by Dirty Loops and Cory Wong.

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