Lynette Okoroike

United States

I started drumming because I just wanted to express myself through art in a very exciting way, and I also wanted to be recognized for my work in the arts (performing arts in general). I’ve been playing the drums since 2012. I started playing the drums during that year and I became a very fast learner. I taught myself how to play the drums; I didn’t take drum lessons. I learned how to play the drums by doing 4 things:
1) I listen to all kinds of music to see how the drums fit in any song and in any genre, such as rock, pop, hip-hop, r&b, jazz, reggae, dance, techno/dubstep/nightclub music, etc.
2) I watch other people play the drums, whether it’s live or it’s a video,
3) I sight read; I would go to music stores all throughout my hometown and I would scan all kinds of drum books just to sight read the music notes for the drums,
4) I would just jam on the drum sets that were on display, whether it’s in the music store, at a school in the music department, or at a church.
My favorite drummers so far are female and my top 3 are Hannah Ford, Meytal Cohen, and Emmanuelle Caplette. They have been my inspiration for a long time.
For me, playing the drums, especially the drum set, is a way of expressing myself in a very exciting way and it’s a great alternative to regular communication so that I could be heard and that I could be the center of attention. It gives me courage, confidence, dedication, and determination and I love every single minute of it!!!!!

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