Maya Cohen

United States

Maya Cohen is a drummer and composer, born in Israel in 1994, currently living in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance in August 2021, and now she is a master’s student at the New School University in the MM Performer-Composer program. In her music, Maya invites the listener to enter a world of colors, groove, sound, and imagination. Her debut album ״pubu״ was released in November 2019, and her second album “yyy” was released in February 2023. In the albums, she presents a unique and new approach to the drums and the voice, exploring rhythms, grooves, and sounds that are inspired by nature and traveling around the world. She has performed her compositions with her band on many stages in Israel, New York, and at the Queenta Women Jazz Festival. As an educator, she has taught private drums lessons at the Jerusalem academy for music and dance conservatory and at the Gonenim conservatory. She studied with Kendrick Scott, Michael Mayo, Anwar Marshall, Yaaki Levy and more. She has recorded and performed with many musicians including the pop singer Etti Ankri, The Les Infant Terrible Children band “מותק, הילדים נוראים”, Yuval Pedaya group “mountain breeze,” Shahaf Dar, Plutonium orchestra, The New School Big Band Orchestra, and more.

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