Najapak Ningcharoen


Teacher/School: Little Things Family

Hello, my name is Anna Ningcharoen.
I am 12 years old and I’m from Thailand.

I started drumming for about 8 months. I was inspired by one of Anna Kendrick’s songs that is called “Cups” at first, which led me to make sounds with the cup to create rhythm like, sliding and tapping. According to how she uses it in her song. Then after I wanted to try a percussion instrument, I found drums and after I tried it for the first time, I fell in love with drumming.

After I started to practice for Trinity Drums Grade 5 Rock & Pop and I passed the test with a good score. The song I chose was “The Rumbling” by SiM, which I enjoy very much since it has a lot of challenges while practicing that I had overcome. This song had unlocked many more techniques for me, like speed. I have put lots of effort into this song and hope you like it. Thank you!

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