For Hit Like A Girl Participants, Making An “IMPACT” Is Not Just About Drumming.

In addition to showing how they are making an impact with their drumming and beatmaking, participants of this year’s Hit Like A Girl contest are also showing how they are making an impact on the social issues they care about. Organizers of the annual, worldwide event recently added a new component called “IMPACT” to the contest so that drummers can share the stories of their efforts to improve the planet along with their drumming videos. These stories, as well as the activities of many of the world’s leading professional players, will be featured during the contest and in a variety of media throughout the year.

Many Hit Like A Girl artists and participants support a wide range of human rights, equality and environmental causes. HLAG-X spokespersons Emily Moon and Chmba are examples of players who share a passion for drumming and social change. Emily and her band, Starbenders, buy much of their clothing at second-hand stores and use refillable canteens instead of plastic water bottles on tour. Malawi-based beatmaker and 2020 HLAG Champion Chmba founded Tiwale, an organization that mentors, empowers and protects young African girls through education, skill training and job creation.

 “Everyone on earth is a drummer in one way or another and, no matter how big or how small, we can all have a positive impact on people and the planet,” says HLAG Executive Director David Levine.

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