Camille Bigeault

Camille Bigeault is a drummer and musician from Toulouse, France.

A composer and multi-instrumentalist, she is known in the drum field for her ability to superimpose layers of different time signatures, creating what we call polyrhythms, and is passionate about exploring and teaching them. Growing up in a family of musicians, and immersed from a young age in the rhythms of percussion, salsa and fusion jazz, she discovered the drum set in sixth grade. Two years later, she decided to make a living out of it after first watching the Placebo DVD, Soulmates Never Die. Camille studied at the Toulouse Conservatory with José Fillatreau and obtained her diploma, simultaneously completing a degree in jazz musicology. She participated in numerous rock, pop and fusion jazz/rock bands, later joining a Genesis tribute band, Genesya, which developed her taste in progressive rock. A versatile drummer, she has notably played in the rock opera, Le Rouge et le Noir, in 2016, and joined PV Nova et l’Internet Orchestra in 2018. She toured for top pop French artist, Jenifer, in 2019, and in the Mae Defays Trio from 2020 to 2022.

Camille posted her first polyrhythm performance video in 2016, which became the starting point of her pedagogical and international career. She was featured by Drum Channel in 2017 and shared her rhythmic vision at Drumeo in 2018. She has performed/taught many masterclasses, drum camps and drum festivals, among which the UK drum show in England, Tam Tam festival in Spain and Paris Bagshow in France. Her knowledge and control of rhythm and time allows her to immerse the audience into sensations of rhythmic illusions, bringing them on an inner voyage through their perception of time. The Polyrhythm Odyssey, her first drum book, was released on December 2022.

Alongside her drumming career, Camille composes songs for guitar and voice, and creates instrumental tracks based on original, through-composed drum parts, which she plays and sings during her drum clinic performances. Her polyrhythmic pieces also serve as a basis from which Camille creates unique and innovative musical compositions.