Carlo Salvaterra

Carlo Salvaterra is an Italian drum educator. He has been teaching for twenty years in several music schools in the north of Italy and now he’s teaching in MusicaBlu Bolzano in all levels of Drum Education.

Carlo was attracted to teaching since he was a teenager. That’s why he decided to pursue his dream of becoming one of the world’s top drum educators. He studied with Kim Plainfield, Bruce Becker, Claus Hessler and Dom Famularo as well as with leading Italian instructors Walter Calloni and Giorgio Zanier. In addition to attending The Collective in New York City, he received degrees from the Music Conservatory in Trento and C.P.M. in Milan.

He has played over 700 concerts in Europe and South America with an Italian-pop cover band and also has several projects for teaching music to students with educational special needs.

Carlo is an active member of SEN, the Sabian Education Network.