Domino Santantonio

Domino Santantonio is a drummer from Montreal, Canada. She loves playing various genres of music but has a preference for pop-rock music. For the last seven years, she has been touring, recording and performing with some of the top-selling artists in Quebec and was also the drummer for several big shows.

In only a year, she has gained impressive visibility on social media with a total of more than 900K followers. Her videos on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram have reached over 50 million views and were shared by international artists. She was recently chosen to be part of the new TikTok Canada campaign « It Starts On TikTok » which is currently on billboards across Canada and broadcast on National Television. She was also invited to make her own Drumeo episode, and she is now one of their new coaches for 2021.


Photo credit : Olivier Savoie Campeau @olitakesshots