Faith Benson

Faith Benson is an award-winning, 19-year-old drummer and composer from Hawaii, now based in Los Angeles, CA. From her drumming, to her curly hair, and even her non-stop energy; everything about Faith is big and bold! She started drumming at 12-years-old, and shortly after, she and her three sisters formed the Alt-Pop band, Crimson Apple. Together, they have won many awards, released their debut album, and moved from Hawaii to California to pursue music.

Although Crimson Apple is Faith’s main focus, she is also very excited about writing, composing, and producing her own music, which she publishes to her YouTube channel, “faithndrums”. In 2017, she became the Hit Like A Girl Competition <18 Grand Champion with her own instrumental composition, “Aoi Raion”. Faith has also worked as a session and studio drummer for various artists, including Bea Miller, HAPA, Aidan James, and Foreseeable Futures.

Faith is inspired by drummers such as, but not limited to: Anika Nilles, Matt Mcguire, and Steve Smith. She credits her mentor, Arin Ilejay, as her current greatest influence. For more information on Faith Benson: