Fingfing Ngan

Hong Kong drummer Fingfing Ngan Yan Yong is currently the drummer of the bands “Call Back ASAP” and “Sex On The Beat”. Self-taught and drumming since childhood, she was the runner-up on the “Best Pop Chart” and the top drummer of “Battle Of The Throne” in the ViuTV Drumming Competition. She has more than 10 years of experience and has participated in more than 100 performances in Hong Kong and overseas, including: “Midi Music Festival”, “Metro Hit Awards Show”, “Musiksommer Music Festival in Munich, Germany” and “Drumout Girls-Taipei Station”.

Known for her linear drumming style— and a rising star in the Hong Kong music scene— her IG and YouTube videos have exceeded one million views.

香港女鼓手 Fingfing Ngan 顏泳,現任樂隊及唱片專輯鼓手。自年幼就開始打鼓,現為全職樂手及創作人,擔任「未能接通」樂隊及「Sex on the Beat」音樂組合鼓手,部份歌曲登上「903專業推介」及榮登「新城勁爆流行榜」獲得亞軍歌,ViuTV 鼓樂比賽「擊戰」鼓手,擁有超過10年演出經驗,參與超過約100場香港及海外演出經驗,包括:「迷笛音樂節」、「新城勁爆頒獎禮」開幕表演、「德國慕尼黑 Musiksommer音樂節」、「Drumout Girls-台北站」……被譽為香港年輕性感女鼓手,IG及YOUTUBE影片超過百萬點擊,擅長線性打法(linear) 。