Mira Burgers

Currently drummer of the pop/hip-hop/soul band, THE COOL QUEST, Mira Burgers decided “I want to be a drummer!” from the age of five. Since then, everything has been dominated by her passion and dreams.

Over a period of 18 years Mira developed herself into a musical, versatile drummer. She took lessons from several national and international drummers, including those of her great inspirations such as Brian Frasier Moore and Cora Coleman Dunham. In 2017 she won 2nd place in the <18 age group of the Hit Like A Girl contest and in 2018 she graduated from Rock City Institute.

Groove and sound are two characteristic aspects of her playing. She also likes to add a creative and personal touch to serve the songs or tracks she plays with. Her motto is: “It’s all about the details”. Not only as a drummer she pays attention to this, but also in her looks on stage and her Social Media. For one of her online drum video series, “INSPIRED BY”, she immersed herself in all kinds of drummers and styles.

Playing live on stage (festivals/touring) with The Cool Quest is what she loves most, but she also likes studio work and TV/radio performances. With great pleasure she transfers her passion through drum lessons and clinics (such as HerfstFest, TROMP Percussion Sessions, Bax Music, etc.).

Instagram: @miradrumt