Mirna Ayshoa

Mirna Ayshoa grew up in Iraq where she was highly influenced by middle eastern rhythms and music. Since relocating to Colorado in the U.S., her approach to the drumset has been to combine both eastern and western rhythms. 

Currently Mirna is a session drummer, playing mainly rock and metal but always available to play and explore other genres. She has been featured by magazines such as DRUM! Magazine and organizations such as the Percussive Art Society (PAS).  

Due to her unique background and life experiences, Mirna is also a drummer that focuses on showing the world that women can play whatever men can play. Her main focus is to empower women in every aspect of her life— from advocating for women’s education in the Middle East to being a scientist and an outspoken public speaker. 

Mirna lists Marco Minnemann, Derek Roddy, Eugene Ryabchenko, Matt Byrne, Dom Famularo and Mindy Abovitz among her mentors and biggest drumming influences. She also supports many of her hard hitting drumsisters and peers, including Sam Landa, Anastasia Sereda, Kristina Rybalchenko, Hayley Cramer and Anika Nilles