Monika Bulanda

Monika Bulanda (born in Kracow, Poland) is a versatile musician with a multifaceted career in entertainment and art.

She began playing drums at the age of 11 with support of her first teacher Wiesław Piszczynski in Stary Sacz, where she lived as a child. She was the winner of the Provincial Young Talent Competition in Limanowa two times in a row. Already at the age of 16 she appeared on TV show ”Droga Do Gwiazd” that led her to collaboration with female rock/pop band ”Matka” signed to Sony Music. 

She graduated from Jazz /Drums Department of Music Conservatory in Katowice as well as from Sinology at Oriental Department of Warsaw University. She also studied Jazz Drums at Chopin School of Music ”Bednarska” under tuition of Kazimierz Jonkisz. Later she performed with Polish pop singer Michal Wisniewski in his project “Red Head” playing drums.

Through her extensive travels she was constantly experimenting with different musical styles while performing with local musicians. Her experiences include places like China, Europe, USA, Australia, India, Malaysia and Turkey.

Monica found that Istanbul— the cultural bridge between East and West— was the perfect environment for herinterests and base for her multi-cultural adventure. She was invited to join the band of Turkish main pop singer Kenan Doğulu and performed with him for 9 years all around the world.