Nanu Villalba

Nanu Villalba is an Argentinian musician born on August 13th, 1999. She works as a session drummer and drum teacher and also sings and plays keys. Nanu writes her own music and is also a content creator.

Music has been in Nanu’s blood since childhood. At the age of 8 she started playing her first instrument: piano. As she grew up listening to Rock and Heavy Metal music, she was strongly attracted to drums, which she started playing at the age of 16. When she turned 17, she did her first performance as a drummer and has never stopped since.

Between 2016 and 2019 she took part in different Rock and Metal bands as a member and session drummer. After releasing many singles and EPs along the way, she decided to create her own Metal band under the name of “Arthemisia”.

In 2020 Villalba was eager to play new genres as a musician, so she began to explore different styles such as Pop, Funk and Hip-Hop. Since social media had been widely used during the pandemic, she started creating content and promoting herself which led to endorsements with Zildjian, Vic Firth, Tama, Evans and Overload.

In 2021 Nanu started freelancing and teaching drums as a full-time job. 2022 was a memorable year for her career; she toured with Nervosa in Europe and Latin America playing 44 shows in 16 countries where she had the opportunity to play in the best festivals of the scene (México Metal Fest VI, Sylak Open Air Festival, Time To Rock Festival) and shared stages with the best bands of the genre (Arch Enemy, Behemoth, W.A.S.P, Jinjer, Mayhem, Dark Funeral among many others).