Nina Para

Born in São Paulo/Brazil, Nina Para became interested in music as a teenager. At the age of 15, she began studying the guitar. At 18, she fell in love with the drums after seeing a Mike Stern concert. At the time, Dennis Chambers was playing the drums. Since then, Nina’s focus has been on drums. She studied with several teachers, the amazing Dom Famularo, Jorge Aniello, Douglas Las Casas, Aquiles Priester and Stephane Chamberland.

Her influences are rock, heavy metal and progressive rock. And of course Brazilian music is also part of her life.

Nina’s first professional gigs were in rock cover bands, performing in bars in the city of São Paulo. Since 2002 she has been working as a freelancer and has also been part of several projects and bands, such as Crats, Illustria, Kavla, Lacme, Kriptonita, Punkake, Landau.

She has been a drum teacher since 2005. Nina has already given classes in several schools, in addition to always teaching in her own studio. She developed her own notebooks to organize her lessons and she uses a lot of well-known books, as Stick Control and Accents and Rebounds.

Nina Pará released her first solo album in 2014. The album HeartBeat, which has seven instrumental tracks, features recognized brazilians musicians, such as Lucas Bittencourt, Tatiana Pará, Fernanda Horvath, Geraldo Vieira, Bozzo Barretti, Sintia Piccin and Richard Fermino.

Another highlight of her career is Nina and Tatiana Pará Project, a duo with her twin sister who plays guitar. The duo created the project to play at the opening act of Samsung Best of Blues shows in Porto Alegre and São Paulo, in October 2019. The duo opened the shows of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Zakk Wylde to audiences of an average of 20 thousand people in each city. The project became successful and they are releasing the songs on digital platforms.

In June 2022 Nina released the book Accenting The Weaker Side (Wizdom Media), written with the master Dom Famularo and Stephane Chamberland. The book is a milestone in her life, and is available at Hudson Music. At the same time she released the online course Nina Pará Drum School, which has more than 50 students currently.

Nowadays she plays with her trio The Nina Pará Project, promoting Heartbeat songs and she is also part of the bands “Ronaldo e os Impedidos”, Suck My Magik and Woman Sounds.

Nina currently teaches at her Blackdogs Studio, located in the south of São Paulo.