Sarah Tomek

Born and raised in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Sarah found her-self behind the kit at an early age. Her father, Joe Tomek, a formidable drummer in the New York 70!s rock scene, inspired and shaped her natural talents. Sarah studied at Berklee College of Music’s Latin Summer Seminar and remained in private instruction through her teens as she became a club staple at world famous venues throughout NYC and NJ. By the time she was 20, she began making her name as a session player and eventually made the move to music city.

Since 2012, Sarah has found herself as a prominent Nashville drummer backing such acts as Steven Tyler’s Loving Mary Band, Gretchen Wilson, Samantha Fish, Florida Georgia Line, Maggie Rose and Them Vibes. Her precocious ability to play a multitude of genres with effortless pocket and feel made her an easy choice for many producers in the studio as well. Her stu-dio efforts include: Manolo Garcia’s Latin Grammy Award winning record, “Geometria Del Rayo”, Maggie Rose’s 13 piece band live record, “Change The Whole Thing” and Foreigners “I’d Give My Life for Love” to name a few.

Sarah has had the privilege of being the featured house drummer on “Late Night w/ Seth Meyers”, had features in Modern Drummer Magazine and has shared stages with artists including Steven Tyler and Sara Bareilles on The Tonight Show w/Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, PBS, Late Show w/
Seth Meyers and The Late Show w/ Steven Colbert.