Sharlene Goodridge

Sharlene Goodridge born and raised in a musical family and started to learn the drums from the age of two years old— following her father footsteps. At the age of 4 she would accompany her mother at various of gospel events. 

She then moved onto learning the piano at the age of 12 and picked up the bass, self-taught at the age of 15. She attended the Brit performing arts school which included playing various concerts for Jessie J, Katy B and Adele who were all former students, as well. Her musical abilities have allowed her to travel around the world, working with other great musicians, singers and often given the role of Musical Director of bands as well as programming productions. 

Sharlene is the drummer for Cat Burns, who is currently preparing to go on tour as support for Ed Sheeran (North America) and Sam Smith (Europe).

Currently, Sharlene is also the drummer of a 9-piece tribute band, “New Purple Celebration”, who are a world class, live celebration of the life, legacy and music of Prince.