Stef Furnari

Stef Furnari is one of Australia’s leading drummers whose infectious performing personality captivates every audience member and leaves them wanting more. After completing a Bachelor of Music from the Australian Institute of Music followed by a Graduates Diploma in Education at ACU, Stef’s career took off with gigs in the Australian & International music scene. Stef tours with Australian created and produced theatre show the Drummer Queens, where she plays the show’s rebellious & cheeky character “Rebel”.

When she is not touring with the Drummer Queens, Stef plays percussion for Australia’s own Disco Queen, Marcia Hines. Stef has played drums on TV for a number of large scale events such as The Carols in the Domain, Australia’s X-Factor, the Australian of the Year Awards and many commercials. She has also played at a number of NRL Finals with the Drummer Queens alongside the likes of Sarah McLeod, Ricky Martin and Jessica Mauboy.

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