Zoé Hochberg

Zoé Hochberg is a 27-year old professional drummer and composer who graduated from the French drum school Dante Agostini in Paris. Passionate for hybrid sounds, Zoé is the drummer of the French pop band Hyphen Hyphen, mixing her acoustic drumming with some electronic production triggers and sequences.

She has been touring and recording with many artists for the past 8 years such as Soko, Prudence (The Dø), Naive New Beaters, Angelique Kidjo, Zazie, Laura Cahen and others. Zoé is also deeply involved in growing the female and GNC drummers community as she currently manages and hosts Tom Tom Magazine’s CHOPS TV sessions on Instagram.

In 2018, she was featured in Batteur Magazine and Batterie Magazine, and part of the “Revelations Of The Year 2019” in Batterie magazine. Zoé recently performed and composed the soundtrack of 2022 Cesar’s Revelations short movie. 

Zoé officially endorses DW drums and Zildjian cymbals.