Nina Para

Born in São Paulo/Brazil, Nina Para became interested in music as a teenager. At the age of 15, she began studying the guitar. At 18, she fell in love with the drums after seeing a Mike Stern concert. At the time, Dennis Chambers was playing the drums. Since then, Nina’s focus has been on drums. She studied with several teachers, the amazing Dom Famularo, Jorge Aniello, Douglas Las Casas, Aquiles Priester and Stephane Chamberland.

Her influences are rock, heavy metal and progressive rock. And of course Brazilian music is also part of her life.

Nina’s first professional gigs were in rock cover bands, performing in bars in the city of São Paulo. Since 2002 she has been working as a freelancer and has also been part of several projects and bands, such as Crats, Illustria, Kavla, Lacme, Kriptonita, Punkake, Landau.

She has been a drum teacher since 2005. Nina has already given classes in several schools, in addition to always teaching in her own studio. She developed her own notebooks to organize her lessons and she uses a lot of well-known books, as Stick Control and Accents and Rebounds.

Nina Pará released her first solo album in 2014. The album HeartBeat, which has seven instrumental tracks, features recognized brazilians musicians, such as Lucas Bittencourt, Tatiana Pará, Fernanda Horvath, Geraldo Vieira, Bozzo Barretti, Sintia Piccin and Richard Fermino.

Another highlight of her career is Nina and Tatiana Pará Project, a duo with her twin sister who plays guitar. The duo created the project to play at the opening act of Samsung Best of Blues shows in Porto Alegre and São Paulo, in October 2019. The duo opened the shows of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Zakk Wylde to audiences of an average of 20 thousand people in each city. The project became successful and they are releasing the songs on digital platforms.

In June 2022 Nina released the book Accenting The Weaker Side (Wizdom Media), written with the master Dom Famularo and Stephane Chamberland. The book is a milestone in her life, and is available at Hudson Music. At the same time she released the online course Nina Pará Drum School, which has more than 50 students currently.

Nowadays she plays with her trio The Nina Pará Project, promoting Heartbeat songs and she is also part of the bands “Ronaldo e os Impedidos”, Suck My Magik and Woman Sounds.

Nina currently teaches at her Blackdogs Studio, located in the south of São Paulo.

Bobby Rondinelli

Bobby Rondinelli, who is currently playing with German guitarist Axel Rudi Pell, also played with legend Leslie West (Mountain, West Bruce and Lang) Bobby played on and co-produced the album Legacy A Tribute to Leslie West.  Bobby is one of the most noted drummers in the industry today. He is a drummers drummer whose resume includes, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Doro, Quiet Riot, The Lizards, Sun Red Sun, Rondinelli, Riot, Pyramid, The Sign, Zebra, Bonnie Tyler, Over The Rainbow, Dee Snider, Classic Rock All Stars and Mark Stein. 

In addition to critically acclaimed solo projects, Bobby has recorded with the Scorpions on their multi-platinum “Love At First Sting” as well as with Slash, Michael Shanker, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Robbie Kreeger, Randy Bachman, Zack Wild, Martin Barr and Elliot East. Bobby toured with Aerosmith and Foghat when their drummers were ill.

Bobby is also the author of the “Encyclopedia Of Double Bass Drumming” co-written with Michael Lauren, which is one of Modern Drummer Magazine’s top 25 drum books of all time.

When not on the road Bobby maintains a busy teaching, recording and clinic schedule.

Kun Sun

The music education professional teacher of Tianjin Vocational College of Arts, the percussion professional director of Tianjin Musicians Association, the percussion professional teacher of the Modern Department of the Middle School Attached to Tianjin Conservatory of Music, the Promark Nine Beats educator, the researcher of Nine Beats Headquarters Teaching and Research Center, and the trainer of Nine Beats Group.

Yang Li

Director of the professional percussion committee of the Tianjin Musicians Association, teacher of the modern percussion specialty of the secondary school attached to the Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Promark Nine Beats educator, trainer of Nine Beats Group, and teacher and researcher of the teaching and research center of the headquarters of Nine Beats Group.

Fuhao Zhang

Executive director of the percussion society of Tianjin Musicians Association, modern percussion professional teacher of the secondary school attached to Tianjin Conservatory of Music, percussion teacher of Tianjin Vocational College of Art, Promark Nine Beats educator, trainer of Nine Beats Group, and teaching and research center of Nine Beats.

Hongping Bian

President of Shandong Percussion Association, director of IPEA International Percussion Education Association, director of Shandong Nine Beats Office, Promark Nine Beats educator, and director of Dongying Nine Beats.

Xun Qin

Nine Beats Music Education Guangdong Provincial Office Teaching and Research Director, Nine Beats Music Education Zhuhai Regional Teaching Director, Promark Nine Beats Educator, and Zhuhai Wanshan Feiluo Music Festival Music Director.

Xu Shi

Jazz drummer, educator, executive director of Shanghai Percussion Association, and deputy director of the teaching and research department of Shanghai Percussion Association.

Jiayu Cao

Young artist, drummer and chief creator of So You Say band, regional spokesperson of Canadian cymbal brand SABIAN in China, and global spokesperson of Queen’s Guard.

Recker Eans

Recker Eans is the Host and Drummer of ‘The Kids Tonight Show’ on Peacock TV and drums for the band ‘Silence The Voice’. Recker has also taken his talents to movies and commercials as well as being featured on television shows, documentaries, print publications, and worldwide advertisements with Gap Kids. At just 11 years old, Recker has gained the respect of his peers and performed live with such bands as The Used, Pennywise and Authority Zero and appeared in music video’s for bands Volbeat, Neffex and Signals. Catch his band at local shows or festivals throughout the country!

When not banging on the drums, Recker also plays bass guitar, guitar, skateboards and speaks Mandarin Chinese!

Recker proudly endorses SJC Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Gruv Gear, London Drumsticks, InEarz, Vans, Fender, and Rooster Thrones.

 Check him out here on his Instagram and YouTube channels.

Fingfing Ngan

Hong Kong drummer Fingfing Ngan Yan Yong is currently the drummer of the bands “Call Back ASAP” and “Sex On The Beat”. Self-taught and drumming since childhood, she was the runner-up on the “Best Pop Chart” and the top drummer of “Battle Of The Throne” in the ViuTV Drumming Competition. She has more than 10 years of experience and has participated in more than 100 performances in Hong Kong and overseas, including: “Midi Music Festival”, “Metro Hit Awards Show”, “Musiksommer Music Festival in Munich, Germany” and “Drumout Girls-Taipei Station”.

Known for her linear drumming style— and a rising star in the Hong Kong music scene— her IG and YouTube videos have exceeded one million views.

香港女鼓手 Fingfing Ngan 顏泳,現任樂隊及唱片專輯鼓手。自年幼就開始打鼓,現為全職樂手及創作人,擔任「未能接通」樂隊及「Sex on the Beat」音樂組合鼓手,部份歌曲登上「903專業推介」及榮登「新城勁爆流行榜」獲得亞軍歌,ViuTV 鼓樂比賽「擊戰」鼓手,擁有超過10年演出經驗,參與超過約100場香港及海外演出經驗,包括:「迷笛音樂節」、「新城勁爆頒獎禮」開幕表演、「德國慕尼黑 Musiksommer音樂節」、「Drumout Girls-台北站」……被譽為香港年輕性感女鼓手,IG及YOUTUBE影片超過百萬點擊,擅長線性打法(linear) 。

Yu An

AN Yu, famous musician, drummer of Mandarin, young Chinese drummer and educator, is now a director of Shanghai Percussion Association, deputy head of Shanghai Youth Percussion Orchestra, director of IPEA Percussion Association, and a member of the judging panel of National Youth Percussion Competition.

In 2013, AN Yu became the first spokesperson of Japanese YAMAHA drum-set in China. In 2015, he endorsed Canadian SABIAN Cymbals and American REMO drum head. In 2016, he became the spokesperson of Promark Drumstick.

At the age of 8, AN Yu began to learn drums at Nine Beats and has studied with Mr. LI Hongyu for ten years. In 2013, he was admitted to the Department of Modern Instrumental Music and Percussion of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, majored in popular percussion. He was taught by Professor YANG Ruwen, Mr. Chris and Mr. CHU Weiming. In 2018, AN Yu was admitted to the Royal Conservatory of Music, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to pursue his master’s degree in jazz.

For many years, AN Yu has been a guest of the Shanghai and Beijing International Music Exhibition to demonstrate for a number of world-famous musical instrument brands. He has been frequently invited to perform in international drummer festivals and major jazz festivals all over the country, and has shared the stage with Jojo Mayer, Akira Jimbo, Dom Famularo, Virgil Donati and others, and has been recognized and praised by numerous domestic and foreign masters. He has taken part in Pihuang Project of Shanghai Culture and Art Festival, and has been invited to shows and workshops in India, the U.K., Australia and others for many times.

Qi Wei

Qi Wei, 25, is one of China’s most popular and talented young drummers. She is the winner of the 2019 “Hit Like A Girl China” competition. She likes to play multiple styles of music, but her favorites are pop, rock and metal.

Qi Wei recently graduated from Wuhan Conservatory of Music and is a featured performer in “Our Band” on Jiangsu Satellite TV. In addition to participating in many music festivals and performances, this up-and-coming drummer is currently performing at “Direction Orchestra”. Her goal is to continue to develop her drumming skills as well as her career as a professional recording studio and touring musician.

Peiying Li

A drummer since the age of 7, today Peiying Li is one of the top drummers in China. Her unique ability to authentically blend traditional Chinese music with popular Western genres makes her the perfect representative of modern drumming on multiple continents.

She graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2015. After graduation, she went to study in the United States and became the first Chinese musician to graduate from the Berklee Global Jazz Institute with a Master’s degree. In 2019, she obtained her second Master’s degree from the New England Conservatory of Music.

Also in 2019, Peiying was one of the winners of the Hit Like A Girl International Drum Contest and she performed at Sweetwater Gear Fest as the representative of the contest. After returning to China, she participated a Music TV show called ‘Me to Us’ and caught the eyes of the judges and the audience. This led to many appearances on popular TV shows.

Over the years, Peiying has worked with many Grammy Award-winning musicians, such as Dave Holland, Gary Burton, Danilo Pérez and George Garzone. Besides performing, Peiying has also devoted herself to drum education. In recent years, she has hosted numerous drum clinics, festivals and master classes and has been invited to be the judge a variety of drum competitions in China and around the world.

Peiying endorses the British Drum Co. and Meinl Cymbals.