Wiktoria Bialic

Wiktoria Bialic – Champion of the Hit Like A Girl 2021. She loves the recording studio and finding new sounds. She has recorded drums for Allison Russell, Kartik Shah, Ralph Kaminski and for other producers
from different countries.

Wiktoria won the most important music award for recording drums in Poland and she performed at the PASIC drum festival in the USA, Le Bag Show in Paris and Poland’s major drum festival. She’s very excited to play different styles and share some sounds at the UK Drum Show next Fall.

Paris Lakryma

Paris Lakryma is the drummer of the Spanish bands Rabia Perez and One Second Faith as well as a member of the Rockin’ Ladies staff. She is a drummer specialized in rock and metal with a career of more than a decade in which she has toured stages throughout Spain and Portugal. She is also an activist for LGBTIAQ+ rights who fights for the visibility of the queer community within these styles of music.​

Nandi Bushell

At 12 years old Nandi has already performed on some of the biggest stages in music. From Wembley Stadium and The O2 Arena in London to The Forum in Los Angeles. Nandi has been fortunate to have had some of the best mentors in the business, jamming with the likes of Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters and Nirvana), Lenny Kravitz, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys), Roger Taylor (Queen), Anderson Paak and Nile Rogers.

When she was younger, Nandi participated in the Hit Like A Girl contest several times. She was recently named Hit Like A Girl’s “Lifetime Global Ambassador”.

Ainsley Lerille

Hey! I’m Ainsley Lerille, a drummer and musician from Lafayette Louisiana. I play in some local bands, and my School of Rock’s house band. Last summer I got tour as a School of Rock Allstar.

Sandi Grecco

2022 Hit Like A Girl Drum Set Champion (40+) Sandi Grecco is a Jazz Fusion drummer who resides in St Petersburg, Florida.

Sandi composes, records, produces and publishes her own music. Listen, Follow, Like and Subscribe to her channels.


Daria Slesareva

I’m Daria and I have been playing drums for 11 years. 

I have had experience in many projects, from playing in cover bands to playing with some of the most famous artists in Russia. I’ve also worked a lot in Turkey and UAE and on top TV shows. Plus, I teach many young drummers whenever I am back in Moscow.

In this year I’m a part of Hit Like A Girl as a spokesperson and a judge. It’s such an honor to be part of this big worldwide community! 

Carlo Salvaterra

Carlo Salvaterra is an Italian drum educator. He has been teaching for twenty years in several music schools in the north of Italy and now he’s teaching in MusicaBlu Bolzano in all levels of Drum Education.

Carlo was attracted to teaching since he was a teenager. That’s why he decided to pursue his dream of becoming one of the world’s top drum educators. He studied with Kim Plainfield, Bruce Becker, Claus Hessler and Dom Famularo as well as with leading Italian instructors Walter Calloni and Giorgio Zanier. In addition to attending The Collective in New York City, he received degrees from the Music Conservatory in Trento and C.P.M. in Milan.

He has played over 700 concerts in Europe and South America with an Italian-pop cover band and also has several projects for teaching music to students with educational special needs.

Carlo is an active member of SEN, the Sabian Education Network.

Brittany Bowman

Hailing from Chicago, Britt sold her soul to music at the tender age of five-years old. Her innate sense of rhythm was discovered in the backseat of her mom’s car when she would hit the headrest to the beat of the music on the radio, the Beatles being one of her favorites.

By the age of ten, Britt discovered Green Day and got her first kit, and that was the beginning of her budding romance with punk rock and drums. By the time she hit fifteen, she was busting her chops playing notable venues around the Chicagoland area; such as the House of Blues and Bottom Lounge, just to name a few.

Then at twenty-one, Britt made the move to Los Angeles where she now has her own studio and spends her time as a hired gun for artists such as Demi Lovato, Meg Myers, KiNG MALA, Royal and the Serpent and Toni Cornell amongst others, as well as focusing on session work for artists of all genres, and developing her YouTube and Instagram following exponentially by posting original compositions, covers and play-through videos.

With a growing online presence, Britt has piqued the interest of reputable drum, cymbal and accessory companies, who have brought her on board as an endorsee and trusted her opinion and talents to showcase and demo their products on camera. Britt is always honing in her talents and seeking additional opportunities to tour and build relationships with like-minded artists, bands and brands.

Valery Abril

Co-Champion of the 18-39 age group of 2022 Hit Like A Girl contest, Valery Abril is a Colombian drummer. She started drumming at 14 years old and is currently a student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

Valery is focused on funk, jazz and latin rhythms. She is passionate and disciplined in her instrument, she loves to play drums and expresses her feelings when she is playing.

Now that she has started her career at Berklee, her dream is to spread her passion and love by playing drums as a professional throughout the world.

Leyan Senay

Leyan Senay is an independent drummer, a drum teacher and the ambassador and organizer ‘Hit Like A Girl’ in Turkey. Born in Belgium, her first instrument was piano. She graduated from the department of English Literature at University and started her professional music career in 2016 by establishing a music studio and playing drums.

She took part in various projects and gave lots of concerts with many famous Turkish musicians such as Nil Karaibrahimgil, İskender Paydaş and Murat Bo.

In 2022, Leyan was selected as one of the most inspiring and successful women of the year by Yeditepe University. As the first Turkish drummer invited to the Benelux Drum Festival ‘Herfstfest’, she gave workshops and represented Turkish music and classical Turkish grooves at festivals in Belgium and Netherlands. During this year she also became a Ted X Reset speaker! 

Little Things

Little, called “Little Things Drum”, is a young, female, drum artist from Thailand whose Thai full name is Thanapa Nateekulcharoen. She’s been passionate about playing drumset since she was 8 years old. She studied and graduated with a Drum Set Major at College of Music, Mahidol University, and currently works as an educator in college, a private musical instructor, a drummer and a composer.

Little and her family established a home studio named “Little Things Family” Drum and Japanese language school in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

In 2020 to 2022, she has participated in Domestic and Global drum contests. She won Overdrive Live ROCK DREAM TEAM The Battle, the biggest drum contest in Thailand, livestreaming on 7HD TV Program, and was also a finalist in several local drum solo contests. HLAG, Little joined the 2022 Hit Like A Girl contest and was selected as the International Champion and Week 6 Winner in Drumset (18-39 age group), 1st Place of LP Mini-Contest (18+) and 1st place of SE Asia regional (18+).

Instagram: @littlethingsdrum

Kii Kimura

Kii Kimura lives and studies in Fukuoka, Japan. She was just 9 years old when she became Champion in the under 13 age group of the 2022 Hit Like A Girl International and Japanese contests and was chosen as one of international influencers for “Drumming Connects Us”, a new program created by Hit Like A Girl and PlayDrums.com.

She is very happy to take part as a judge for the 2023 contest.

Emma Taylor

Emma is a Drummer, Singer, Educator and Content Creator from the UK with a passion for giving the knowledge gained through 15 years of playing music to others and a talent for making the process of learning Drums as accessible and entertaining as possible. Since her start on Tiktok in 2021 she has gained over 150,000 followers with her bite-sized drum lessons and straight to the point explanations from the most simple to advanced concepts.

Since 2019 she has played in the independent Indie Rock band ‘Ilona Mahieu’ amongst various other acts in and around London.


Sawasdee Ka!  
HI! I’m Nuntakarn Veeraphan. I’m 14years old from Bangkok, Thailand.

Drumming and dancing are my happiness. I first started playing the drums when I was 6 years old. It’s like exploring a new world. Drumming is my passion, my happy hour and stress release. I am currently a drummer of my school rock band. People call me “Omelet The Drummer”

As a Champion of the 2022 Hit Like A Girl contest, I’m so honored to be a judge for the 2023 contest.

The most important thing for drumming is to be happy when you are on the throne and then send your happiness to others. No matter winning or losing,  just enjoy what you’re doing and be proud of yourself.