Daniil Svetlov

With more than 24 years of experience as a professional player and 10 as a teacher, Daniil Svetlov is one of the most famous drummers in all of Russia. He is a co-founder of AMATORY, a metal band which is popular throughout the CIS, as well as the founder of DRUMSTARZ, a highly successful drum school operating in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia and Riga, Latvia since 2013. 

Drumstarz’ offers drum lessons to students of every age and level. In addition, the schools feature innovative and progressive programs such as the frequent, popular and well-attended “Drum Karaoke” sessions and DRUMSTARZ PARTY, an annual concert where the students perform on a big stage in front of hundreds. Daniil and Drumstarz have produced high-quality videos for many of their students and teachers, as well.

Daniil also works with such well-known Russian rap artists as ELDZHEY and ATL. He endorses Pearl, Paiste, Remo, Vic Firth, Roland and SE.