Nina Para

Born in São Paulo/Brazil, Nina Para became interested in music as a teenager. At the age of 15, she began studying the guitar. At 18, she fell in love with the drums after seeing a Mike Stern concert. At the time, Dennis Chambers was playing the drums. Since then, Nina’s focus has been on drums. She studied with several teachers, the amazing Dom Famularo, Jorge Aniello, Douglas Las Casas, Aquiles Priester and Stephane Chamberland.

Her influences are rock, heavy metal and progressive rock. And of course Brazilian music is also part of her life.

Nina’s first professional gigs were in rock cover bands, performing in bars in the city of São Paulo. Since 2002 she has been working as a freelancer and has also been part of several projects and bands, such as Crats, Illustria, Kavla, Lacme, Kriptonita, Punkake, Landau.

She has been a drum teacher since 2005. Nina has already given classes in several schools, in addition to always teaching in her own studio. She developed her own notebooks to organize her lessons and she uses a lot of well-known books, as Stick Control and Accents and Rebounds.

Nina Pará released her first solo album in 2014. The album HeartBeat, which has seven instrumental tracks, features recognized brazilians musicians, such as Lucas Bittencourt, Tatiana Pará, Fernanda Horvath, Geraldo Vieira, Bozzo Barretti, Sintia Piccin and Richard Fermino.

Another highlight of her career is Nina and Tatiana Pará Project, a duo with her twin sister who plays guitar. The duo created the project to play at the opening act of Samsung Best of Blues shows in Porto Alegre and São Paulo, in October 2019. The duo opened the shows of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Zakk Wylde to audiences of an average of 20 thousand people in each city. The project became successful and they are releasing the songs on digital platforms.

In June 2022 Nina released the book Accenting The Weaker Side (Wizdom Media), written with the master Dom Famularo and Stephane Chamberland. The book is a milestone in her life, and is available at Hudson Music. At the same time she released the online course Nina Pará Drum School, which has more than 50 students currently.

Nowadays she plays with her trio The Nina Pará Project, promoting Heartbeat songs and she is also part of the bands “Ronaldo e os Impedidos”, Suck My Magik and Woman Sounds.

Nina currently teaches at her Blackdogs Studio, located in the south of São Paulo.

Bobby Rondinelli

Bobby Rondinelli, who is currently playing with German guitarist Axel Rudi Pell, also played with legend Leslie West (Mountain, West Bruce and Lang) Bobby played on and co-produced the album Legacy A Tribute to Leslie West.  Bobby is one of the most noted drummers in the industry today. He is a drummers drummer whose resume includes, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Doro, Quiet Riot, The Lizards, Sun Red Sun, Rondinelli, Riot, Pyramid, The Sign, Zebra, Bonnie Tyler, Over The Rainbow, Dee Snider, Classic Rock All Stars and Mark Stein. 

In addition to critically acclaimed solo projects, Bobby has recorded with the Scorpions on their multi-platinum “Love At First Sting” as well as with Slash, Michael Shanker, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Robbie Kreeger, Randy Bachman, Zack Wild, Martin Barr and Elliot East. Bobby toured with Aerosmith and Foghat when their drummers were ill.

Bobby is also the author of the “Encyclopedia Of Double Bass Drumming” co-written with Michael Lauren, which is one of Modern Drummer Magazine’s top 25 drum books of all time.

When not on the road Bobby maintains a busy teaching, recording and clinic schedule.

Marine Flèche

Marine Flèche started playing drums like a child’s game at the age of 11. Later, she trained at the Tous en Scène school in Tours alongside drummer Frédéric Hermelin. With more than 350 concerts to her credit in France and Europe and studio recordings, she accompanies many artists and groups in various styles (Hip Hop, Folk, Pop, Indie Rock, Soul, Downtempo, Trip Hop).

Paying particular attention to the right intention, sound and groove, Marine arranges her parts and deploys a wide spectrum of playing in the service of the musicality and interpretation of the artists she accompanies. As a multi-instrumentalist, Marine composes and writes music with different groups (Synestesy, Mopa, Chlore) and for her solo project. 

Marine is also passionate about education. She has been teaching for ten years and leads many educational events and cultural activities with different audiences.

Marine is particularly influenced by drummers like Lucien Chatin (This is The Kit), Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint), Chris Dave, Questlove, Steve Jordan, Jack Baker (Bonobo) or Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga), Luke Flowers (The Cinematic Orchestra) and Richard Spaven (Jordan Rakei).


Marine Flèche commence la batterie comme un jeu d’enfant à l’âge de 11 ans. Plus tard, elle se forme à l’école Tous en Scène à Tours aux côtés du batteur Frédéric Hermelin. Avec plus de 350 concerts à son actif en France et en Europe et des enregistrements studio, elle accompagne de nombreux artistes et groupes dans des styles variés (Hip Hop, Folk, Pop, Rock indé, Soul, Downtempo, Trip Hop). 

Portant une attention particulière à l’intention juste, au son et au groove, Marine arrange ses parties et déploie un large spectre de jeu au service de la musicalité et de l’interprétation des artistes qu’elle accompagne. Multi-instrumentiste, elle compose et écrit de la musique avec différents groupes (Synestesy, Mopa, Chlore) et pour son projet solo. 

Passionnée de pédagogie, elle transmet ses compétences depuis une dizaines d’années et mène de nombreuses actions culturelles auprès de différents publics. 

Marine est notamment influencée par des comme Lucien Chatin (This is The Kit), Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint), Chris Dave, Questlove, Steve Jordan, Jack Baker (Bonobo) ou encore Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga), Luke Flowers (The Cinematic Orchestra) et Richard Spaven (Jordan Rakei). 

Kun Sun

The music education professional teacher of Tianjin Vocational College of Arts, the percussion professional director of Tianjin Musicians Association, the percussion professional teacher of the Modern Department of the Middle School Attached to Tianjin Conservatory of Music, the Promark Nine Beats educator, the researcher of Nine Beats Headquarters Teaching and Research Center, and the trainer of Nine Beats Group.

Yang Li

Director of the professional percussion committee of the Tianjin Musicians Association, teacher of the modern percussion specialty of the secondary school attached to the Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Promark Nine Beats educator, trainer of Nine Beats Group, and teacher and researcher of the teaching and research center of the headquarters of Nine Beats Group.

Fuhao Zhang

Executive director of the percussion society of Tianjin Musicians Association, modern percussion professional teacher of the secondary school attached to Tianjin Conservatory of Music, percussion teacher of Tianjin Vocational College of Art, Promark Nine Beats educator, trainer of Nine Beats Group, and teaching and research center of Nine Beats.

Hongping Bian

President of Shandong Percussion Association, director of IPEA International Percussion Education Association, director of Shandong Nine Beats Office, Promark Nine Beats educator, and director of Dongying Nine Beats.

Xun Qin

Nine Beats Music Education Guangdong Provincial Office Teaching and Research Director, Nine Beats Music Education Zhuhai Regional Teaching Director, Promark Nine Beats Educator, and Zhuhai Wanshan Feiluo Music Festival Music Director.

Xu Shi

Jazz drummer, educator, executive director of Shanghai Percussion Association, and deputy director of the teaching and research department of Shanghai Percussion Association.

Jiayu Cao

Young artist, drummer and chief creator of So You Say band, regional spokesperson of Canadian cymbal brand SABIAN in China, and global spokesperson of Queen’s Guard.

Morgan Berthet

Morgan Berthet started playing drums at the age of 3 and attended several music schools as a child. In 2006, he graduated from the prestigious professional music school Music Academy International in Nancy, where he obtained a mention of excellence and was unanimously approved by the jury.

Since 2007 he has pursued his professional career in France and abroad. He has played with many famous prog rock and metal bands and has toured the world.

He is currently the official drummer of the following bands: MYRATH (Oriental Prog), KADINJA (Djent), KLONE (Prog Rock). He is also the ex-drummer of the following bands: EYELESS, THE MARS CHRONICLES and was the session drummer for ETHS, STEPHAN FORTE, HEADCHARGER, IN OTHER CLIMES, ADAGIO, H.A.H., DISCONNECTED.

He has performed over 750 shows and given 60 masterclasses in the past 10 years. He has written a satirical column in the Batterie Magazine for 2 years.

Jean-Philippe Fanfant

Jean-Philippe FANFANT is from Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean. He comes from three generations of great musicians.

One of the top studio drummers and performers in France, he is a co-leader of the group Sakésho (Andy Narell pan, Mario Canonge piano, Michel Alibo bass) and has recorded more than 400 albums with artists such as Kassav, Angélique Kidjo, Mario Canonge,Ayo, Andy Narell, Ralph Thamar, Tania St Val, Beethova Obas, Edith Lefel, Touré Kunda, Philippe Lavil, Dédé st Prix, Laurent Voulzy, Julien Clerc, Maxime Leforestier, Patrick St Eloi, Bernard Lavilliers, Christophe Maé, Tania Maria, STING and SHAGGY (Taratata live).

He performs on famous TV show « THE VOICE » on french channel TF1.

He is the author of drums method book published by Sher Music: Afro-Caribbean grooves for drumset.

His first solo album is “Since 1966” (Klarthe Records).


Élevé au sein d’une famille de musiciens depuis trois générations en Guadeloupe, il se nourrit d’influences très diverses et développe rapidement un groove qui lui est propre.

As des séances de studio parisiennes grâce a son jeu précis et fin, il participe  a plus de 400 albums. Jean-Philippe est persuadé qu’il faut décloisonner la musique et que les genres musicaux doivent dialoguer entre eux ; il éprouve ce principe dans sa carrière qu’il partage entre la variété  notamment avec :Touré Kunda, Angelique Kidjo, Mario Canonge, Ralph THAMAR,  Maxime le forestier, Bernard Lavilliers, Christophe Maé, Hubert Felix Thiefaine, Louis bertignac, Julien Clerc et le jazz avec son quartet Sakésho (composé de Mario Canonge, Andy Narell, Michel Alibo) .

On le retrouve aussi avec Tania Maria, Thierry fanfant Quarte «  FRERES «  t, de fréquentes master class ou encore l’enregistrement d’émissions télévisées 

 « The Voice , la plus belle voix » diffusé sur TF1..

Sting fait appele à lui fréquemment pour ces promo Francaise ( Taratata -RTL live)..

Il est l’auteur de deux méthodes de batterie publiées aux éditions HIT DIFFUSION pour la France et SHER MUSIC pour l’international:
-Les plus grands rythmes caribéens à la batterie
-Je débute la batterie acoustique et électronique.

Son premier album solo s’appelle SINCE 1966 sortie chez Klarthe records …

Juanita Parra

Juanita Parra was born into a large community family called Los Jaivas, music was always present in every area of her life. Her first steps on her drums were at the age of 13, together with her best and eternal friend Ximena Cubillos (bassist). In addition, at that same age she formed a musical group with young people from her neighborhood.

At the age of 15 she decided to dedicate herself seriously to percussion studies. Gabriel Parra, her father, took her to the CIM Academy in Paris, where she Juanita had to interact with students of a professional career and in a class made up of 38 men and two women. After a year and a half of studies, Juanita had to leave the academy for personal reasons, maintaining the record of rehearsing and practicing her instrument.

Today, she has been a drummer of the Chilean musical group, Los Jaivas, for more than 30 years— a little more than half of the life of the historic band.

Photography by Javier Vergara

Juanita Parra nació en el seno de una familia numerosa y comunitaria llamada Los Jaivas, la música siempre estuvo presente en cada ámbito de su vida.

Sus primeros pasos en la batería fueron a los 13 años, junto a su mejor y eterna amiga Ximena Cubillos (bajista). Además, a esa misma edad formó un grupo musical con jóvenes de su barrio.

 A los 15 años decide dedicarse seriamente a los estudios de percusión. Gabriel Parra, su padre, la llevó a la Academia CIM en París, donde Juanita debió interactuar con estudiantes de una carrera profesional y en un curso constituido por 38 hombres y dos mujeres.

Tras un año y medio de estudios Juanita debió dejar la academia por motivos personales manteniendo la constancia del ensayo y ejercicio de su instrumento. 

Hoy lleva más de 30 años como baterista de Los Jaivas, un poco más de la mitad de la vida de la histórica banda.

Fotografía de Javier Vergara 

Gabriel Pedernera

Gabriel Pedernera was born on March 19, 1986 in Córdoba Capital, he is a musician, producer and mixer. The only child of music-loving parents, since he was a child they transmitted the passion and love for music to him, at the age of 8 he began to take drum lessons and within a few months he was already playing live with various Folklore and Jazz groups. .

In 1997 he made his first tour with the group “Gualicho” through the north of Argentina when he was only 11 years old, and at that moment he decided that this was going to be his profession. In 2001 he was summoned to be part of “Armando Flores”, a well-known Cordovan rock group with which he recorded an album and toured throughout the country until 2005. In 2006 he produced his first album, for Enrico Barbizi, a singer and composer from Cordoba, who trusted Gabriel to carry out his album “Tente En Pie”, from that moment he began his path as a music producer.

In 2007 he was the winner of the “Solidrummer” contest organized by the Argentinean battery factory “Solidrums”, being chosen among more than 150 drummers from all over the country, and arriving at the end of that same year he formed (together with Lula Bertoldi and Brenda Martin) ERUCA SATIVA.

As a producer he has worked with many groups and artists, in 2020 he was the winner of the Gardel Award for Producer of the Year, along with 6 other statuettes that he won for the album he produced for David Lebón “Lebón & Co”.

His studio “Acampis” is not only the place where he usually works as a producer and mixer, but it also became the home of his online seminar “La Canción Manda”, a cycle of monthly talks that Gabriel has been giving since May 2020, a space in which hundreds of musicians and producers from Argentina and the world participate.

GP began to show a great passion for drums at a very young age, and when he was 2 years old, some family friends gave him his first pair of drumsticks. At the age of 8 he formally began to study classical drums and percussion at Collegium CEIM, Córdoba, with Carlos Pichi Pereyra, who was his teacher for more than 10 years. In 2007 he won the national contest “Solidrummer” for the Solidrums Argentina brand, being chosen from more than 150 drummers from all over the country, and during these more than 20 years dedicated to the instrument GP has recorded dozens of albums, has collaborated with artists of different styles, and is considered a benchmark of the instrument in his country.

Pippi Piazzolla

Pippi Piazzolla studied with Rolando Picardi, Efrain Toro, Joe Porcaro, Casey Scheuerell, Ralph Humphrey, Fernando Martínez, Sebastian Peyceré, Eduardo Casalla, Fernando Valles, Horacio Lopez, Robbie Ameen, Carlos Riganti, Johnathan Blake, Kenny Washington, Rodney Green, Adam Nussbaum, etc.

He has played with world-renowned artists such as Paquito D’Rivera, Ute Lemper, Guillermo Klein, Aaron Goldberg, Bill McHenry, Miguel Zenón, Hugo Fattoruso, Marty Friedman, Ben Monder, Mike Mossman, Diego Urcola, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Richard Nant , Luis Bonilla, Gary Valente, Arturo O’Farrill afro latin jazz big band, Scott Robinson, Dave Samuels, Elena Roger, Lito Vitale, Pablo Aslan, Ligia Piro, Carlos Cutaia, Raul Lavié, Ernesto Snajer, Anders Jormin, Villu Vesky, Tiit Kalluste, José Angel Trelles, Susana Rinaldi, Gustavo Bergalli, Maria Estela Monti, Escalandrum, Fernando Suarez Paz, Pablo Ziegler, Fernandez 4, Hernan Jacinto, Lucio Balduini, Héctor Console, Nicolás Guerschberg, Horacio Malvicino, Sexteto Mayor, Ute Lemper, etc.

Together with his group Escalandrum they won 9 Gardel awards and 1 Gardel de Oro (highest distinction in the Argentine music industry), they are the first jazz group to achieve that distinction.

Escalandrum was also nominated for the Latin Grammy’s. Escalandrum already has 21 years of history and 14 recorded albums. Together with his trio he has released 3 albums and won 2 Gardel awards for best jazz album of the year, the most recent with his album Rata.

Pippi Piazzolla estudió con Rolando Picardi , Efrain Toro , Joe Porcaro , Casey Scheuerell , Ralph Humphrey, Fernando Martínez ,Sebastian Peyceré ,  Eduardo Casalla , Fernando Valles , Horacio Lopez , Robbie Ameen , Carlos Riganti , johnathan Blake , Kenny Washington , Rodney Green , Adam Nussbaum , Etc. 

Ha tocado con artistas mundialmente reconocidos como Paquito D´Rivera, Ute Lemper, Guillermo Klein, Aaron Goldberg, Bill Mc Henry, Miguel Zenón, Hugo Fattoruso, Marty Friedman , Ben Monder, Mike Mossman, Diego Urcola, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Richard Nant, Luis Bonilla, Gary Valente, Arturo O´Farrill afro latin jazz big band, Scott Robinson, Dave Samuels, Elena Roger, Lito Vitale, Pablo Aslan, Ligia Piro, Carlos Cutaia, Raul Lavié, Ernesto Snajer, Anders Jormin , Villu Vesky , Tiit Kalluste , José Angel Trelles, Susana Rinaldi, Gustavo Bergalli, Maria Estela Monti, Escalandrum, Fernando Suarez Paz, Pablo Ziegler, Fernandez 4 , Hernan Jacinto ,  Lucio Balduini , Héctor Console, Nicolás Guerschberg, Horacio Malvicino, Sexteto Mayor, Ute Lemper, etc.

Junto a su grupo Escalandrum ganaron 9 premios Gardel  y  1 Gardel de Oro (máxima distinción de la industria musical Argentina), es el primer grupo de jazz en lograr esa distinción.

También Escalandrum estuvo nominado a los Latin Grammy’s. Con Escalandrum ya tiene 21 años de historia y 14 discos Grabados. Junto a su trío tiene 3 discos editados y ganó 2 premios Gardel a mejor álbum de jazz del año , el más reciente con su disco Rata .