Why do we call it the "Hit Like A Girl" contest? Isn't that demeaning?

Saying that someone "hit like a girl" was considered an insult in the past but times— and the meaning of the phrase— have changed. Today, girls and women all over the world are redefining their roles, their abilities and the way they think about limitations and stereotypes. Since "Hit Like A Girl" has a new meaning and "hitting" is a traditional term for drumming, we chose it as the name of our contest to highlight that change. If anyone says "You hit like a girl!" just thank them for the compliment.

Is there any cost to participate in Hit Like A Girl?

There has never been a fee to enter Hit Like A Girl. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors— along with the artists and individuals who donate their time to support the program— we are able to make participation in the contest free of charge.

Why should I enter the contest?

Hit Like A Girl is the only program specifically designed to highlight and promote female and female-identifying drummers. Young girls gain great confidence from showing the world they play drums and percussion instruments and can support each other— regardless of their skill level or geographic location. We think girls and women of all ages should show their support and take advantage of the chance to enter.

Why is Hit Like A Girl a competition?

We created the Hit Like A Girl contest because we felt that the best way to attract attention to and from female drummers— and also to encourage a higher level of performance, support the growth of the community and bring the drummers of the world together— was to put their amazing talent on display for the whole world to see. Holding a contest was determined to be the most effective method of achieving those goals. Thankfully, over the years, Hit Like A Girl contestants have always been friendly and mutually supportive competitors. That is the true spirit of the program.

Can people from countries outside the United States join the Contest?

Yes, Hit Like A Girl is a worldwide contest. Girls and women from more than 50 countries have entered in past years. Winners have come from all over... Japan, Indonesia, Chile, China, Taiwan, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, China, Australia, Korea, Kazakhstan, England, USA, the Dominican Republic, and many, many other countries.

Besides drum set, what other percussion instruments can I enter on?

The 2023 contest allows only Drumset entries. Any gear, any style. In the past we have also had categories for Concert, Marching and World Percussion as well as Beatmaking. We hope to be able to resume some of or all these again in the future.

Are there any age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions. In fact, there have been entrants from ages 5 to 65. However, parents of entrants under the age of 13 must sign and return a parental permission form to us (via email). This is done to protect younger entrants and comply with U.S. and International laws.

The four age divisions for drumset are Under 13, 13-17, 18-39 and 40-Plus. For Beatmaking the age divisions are Under 18 and 18-Plus.

* The cutoff birth date is March 1, meaning that your age on March 1 determines the age division you should enter. For example, if you are 17 years old on March 1 you will enter the 12-17 age division even if you will turn 18 during the time of the contest.

Should I upload my video to YouTube?

The preferred platforms are YouTube and Vimeo but you can also upload your drumming video to Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok and register the link in your Hit Like A Girl entry form. If none of these platforms are available, you may also send us a link to download your audio or video from WeTransfer or DropBox and enter the link in the entry page through the email on our Contact page.

Can it be a video I have previously uploaded?

Yes, it can be previously uploaded on the internet but it cannot have been entered in a previous HLAG contest.

Can the video be a band performance video?

Yes. We do not put limits on what kind of music you can perform. You may play with a group, solo, or with recorded tracks. You can perform an original composition or a cover. We want you to showcase your skills, so it's up to you!

Why does it have to be three minutes long?

We recommend a 3-minute video to give judges time to evaluate your playing. A longer video is not necessary but we do not exclude entries based on length.

Does my video have to be one song or can I mix several pieces to show my ability in different styles?

You can choose any music you like. Some entries include 3 or 4 short segments of different compositions. Other entries are covers or a play-through of an entire original song or composition. The choice is yours.

What information should I include with my entry?

Give some thought to your story as the information will help judges evaluate your video. We recommend that you include your age, years playing drums/your instrument, influences and musical goals. We're interested in your story and why you play drums and percussion. It may also help to discuss the music in the video you are uploading.

Contestants are also encouraged to include a description of their activities in support of human rights, gender equality, the environment or other social issues in their stories.

Can I change my entry after it has been posted? 

You should carefully prepare your entry before you register it to but we can fix errors later as needed. For changes email us through the email on our Contact page.

Will views, listens and likes be considered during the judging phase?

Only the votes of your fans during the public voting period are counted.

How do the judges evaluate the performance?

The judges use the official Hit Like A Girl scoresheet to grade each drummer on a variety of playing dimensions:

  • Groove
  • Sound
  • Technique
  • Musicality
  • Presentation
  • Effect

Each of these categories is further broken down into sub-categories. For example, Groove includes time, feel, pocket, and other concepts. Presentation, production, showmanship, poise and other non-technique measures make up a smaller percentage of the overall score than the playing categories.

What is the last day I can enter?

April 11, 2023 at 11:59 PST

Where do I enter? Where can I find the rules?
Please enter here. Contest rules can be found on here.

What about voting?
During the 2-week voting period, you can vote for any drummer who entered the contest— one vote person per video per day. Top vote-getters no longer automatically become finalists but they receive special recognition and prizes. You can see all the eligibility and judging rules here.

What are the prizes?

Our goal is to award prizes to the Champion and 2 runners-up as well as the top 5 Public Voting winners in each age group. Championship prize packages may include drum kits and electronic gear as well as cymbals, sticks, heads, and other accessories from our sponsors. First and second runners-up receive snare drums or other drum equipment such as cymbals, heads, sticks and/or other accessories. Special prizes are awarded for contestants who, in the opinion of the judges, display special merit. These additional awards include lessons, scholarships, equipment or other prizes. Everyone who enters is offered participation certificates, educational material and special offers from our sponsors.

Why isn't the Hit Like A Girl Contest open to male drummers?

The purpose of Hit Like A Girl is to celebrate, elevate, cultivate and activate female drumming and encourage girls, women, female-identifying and non-binary individuals to actively participate in making music. We feel that one of the best ways to showcase female drummers— and grow the community— is to draw attention to it through a competition that is open to girls and women of all ages and abilities. The contest is not intended to discriminate against males, but to support female musicians, who, truthfully, sometimes face social and cultural obstacles in their desire to become musicians.

It has been very rewarding to see many more females playing in and leading bands, directing, producing and contributing in so many ways to the music industry today than we did when the Hit Like A Girl contest was first conceived. Girls and women are giving and taking drum lessons in greater numbers and female drummers have become among the most influential players in the world.

While there is no reason that women should not be able to play percussion instruments, or any instrument for that matter, from the day the contest began we  have heard from girls who told stories of the challenges and obstacles they had to overcame to become drummers. Many of them talked about teachers, peers and even parents diverting them to “more feminine” instruments like piano, flute or violin. In some cultures, the very notion of a girl playing drums was upsetting, taboo and even dangerous. At the same time, many have written to say that playing drums and percussion has made them more inspired, ambitious, and confident in themselves. That is what the Hit Like A Girl contest is all about.