new programs 2023


Hit Like a Girl recently joined forces with to launch Drumming Connects Us— a pair of initiatives developed to connect existing drummers and create new ones.

Drumming Connects Us Community encourages adolescents (boys and girls 18 years and under) to play drums and support each other online. A group of exceptional and internationally known young drummers talk about their backgrounds and offer tips on topics such as how to get started on drums, how to connect with other drummers around the world, and how to be safe online on the website.

Drumming Connects Us Outreach Events is a program that was inspired by drummer and international drum ambassador Mya Cymbaluk. The program seeks to expand the drumming community by facilitating live, in-person, outreach events in public spaces such as parks, malls, schools, community centers, churches, music retailers and more. A 14-page, comprehensive Outreach Events Playbook is available as a free download on the website and is an excellent resource for any drummer interested in connecting with other players or curious souls who want to learn more about drumming.




Hit Like A Girl Heroes are exceptional young drummers and beatmakers from all over the world whose passion, hard work and dedication have made them influencers, leaders and role models.


In addition to making an impact through their drumming, Hit Like A Girl participants are also making an impact through their activities in support of human rights, gender equality, the environment and other social issues they care about. The Hit Like A Girl “IMPACT” program was created to support and encourage these activities.

Improve your drumming knowledge and skills with Hit Like A Girl's "Stick Together" project. This year, Emma Taylor, a talented, knowledgeable and charismatic drummer/educator from England, will be producing exclusive content for Hit Like A Girl in her role as Stick Together's Educational Coordinator and Content Creator. Watch for Emma's lessons here and on the @hitlikeagirlcontest social pages.


Since the Hit Like A Girl contest was conceived in 2011, the growth of the female drumming community has been incredible. In looking for ways to expand the program beyond its primary focus on the drumset, we've added a focus on hand drumming. Our Drum Summit World Percussion program was developed to encourage and empower girls and women to play a variety of drums and share their drumming experiences. Visit the Drum Summit website to learn about these drums and drummers from around the world.

Special thanks to Dom Famularo and Peter Greco for their invaluable contribution to Drum Summit.