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Hi, my name is Allegra and I am 9years old, from Perth Western Australia. At the age of 3 I was telling everyone that I wanted to play drums and for my 4th birthday I received my first drum kit. I love all styles of music, but I have a soft spot for rock. I hope one day I will get to play in a band, play with lots of musicians and travel the world.

Other than Drumming I love playing basketball, singing, dancing, and skateboarding.

Music is my happy place and drumming gives me the opportunity to share my passion and love for music whilst expressing myself and encouraging other young girls to DREAM BIG.

DJ Donut

Hi! I'm Julia (AKA DJ Donut) and I'm an 11 year-old musician from Maine in the USA. I enjoy playing the bass guitar, the piano, singing, playing drums, and creating beats from my computer. I am in a band and I love all kinds of music- but especially alternative rock. When I am not playing music I am creating art or learning new things.



Emma is a drummer and singer from Asuncion, Paraguay. Although she is just 9-years old, she has already recorded two original rock songs in which she sings (lead vocals and harmony) and plays the drums. Emma is a big pop and rock music fan. Her favorite bands are The Beatles, Queen, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Lady Gaga, Pink and Dua Lipa. She dreams about becoming a professional musician. She also loves artistic roller skating and video games.


Kayla is a 9 year-old drummer from New Jersey, USA. She has been playing drums since she was 6. Kayla likes playing hard rock and metal music. Her favorite band is System of a Down. When she is not playing drums, Kayla enjoys doing ballet, drawing anime characters and playing video games.



Hi, I’m Lola and I love drumming! I’m 12 years old and I have been playing since I was 5. In addition to drumming, I surf, skateboard, do yoga, play cricket, hang-out with friends, bake, read books and I’m in a dance group (tap is my favorite). I would love to become a professional drummer when I am older and my dream is to play in a band. If I can inspire other kids to love drumming even half as much as I do, we can rock the world.


Uliana loves music, she creates songs, loves art and history, goes to museums, and does sports. She likes to try new things and she always has a lot of energy.🤪

Her teacher says Uliana has a very good imagination and sometimes, as a result of this, she shows empathy for inanimate things— drum consumables, in particular. 🙂 For her, it is a real tragedy when a drumstick is broken and goes into the trash. She also likes to give new life to broken drumheads by making art objects out of them.


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Ava is an 11-year-old singer / songwriter from New York City. Over the past six years Ava has sung and performed solo, in small groups, and in a chorus. Ava has written over 100 of her own songs and is a two-time recipient of the Sammy Cahn Scholarship for Voice and Songwriting. More recently Ava has begun beat making and recording her own music.


8-year old drummer Kyley currently resides in Ft. Worth, Texas. She grew up listening to music through her parents and older siblings and started drumming at the age of 4. Kyley’s favorite bands include Guns & Roses, Metalica, AC/DC, Santana and Van Halen. She also enjoys Taekwondo classes (currently yellow belt), videogames, building things with Legos, wrestling with her dog Woody and Star Wars. Kyley is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish fluently.

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Born and raised in Switzerland, Liana is 11 and the daughter of former professional soccer players. Liana was a finalist in the 2020 Voice Kids Germany and has an active, adventurous life. She is equally at home on stage or at the park playing catch with her dog, Fred.

Liana loves stuffed animals and, in addition to drumming, she enjoys singing and playing guitar. She plays soccer, tennis, ping-pong, swimming, surfing and skiing. Liana speaks Swiss, Italian, German and English fluently… and she’s learning French.


With more than 800,000 followers on Instagram at 10 years old, drummer Nandi Bushell has already conquered musical milestones most artists would be lucky to reach in a lifetime. In the last few years, the spirited rock star from Ipswich, England, has played talk shows around the world, starred in musical commercials, booked endorsement deals with top drum and guitar. Most recently, Nandi transfixed the internet by challenging Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl to a viral drum battle, which, even according to Grohl, she won hands down.



Li Xinyue (Lee Shin-Yoo) began playing drumset at the age of five and started taking lessons at the age of eight. Her favorite  drummers are Anika Nilles, Dave Weckl and Benny Greb. She enjoys playing jazz-fusion as well as Latin and Gospel music.

Xinyue and her friends formed a band and were invited by China’s largest TV station, CCTV Music Channel, to perform for audiences across the country during the traditional Chinese Spring Festival in 2019.

Xinyue also plays electric guitar and bass, which she credits for expanding her understanding of music. When not playing music, Xinyue enjoys modeling and often participates in fashion shows and photo shoots.


Yoyoka Soma is a drummer from Ishikari, Japan. In 2018, at age 8, she gained international attention for her entry in the Hit Like a Girl contest— a cover video of Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times”. As of today, the video has over 3 million views and her YouTube channel has over 31 million views.

Yoyoka started drumming at age 2 and performing in concerts at age 4. At the age of 5 she began playing in her family’s band. She has appeared twice on The Ellen DeGeneres television show and in advertisements for Nike, Italian luxury fashion brand Moncler and Japanese casual wear designer uniqlo. Yoyoka lists John Bonham, Chris Coleman and Benny Greb as her favorite drummers.


In addition to making an impact through their drumming and beatmaking, Hit Like A Girl participants are also making an impact through their activities in support of human rights, gender equality, the environment and other social issues they care about.

To support and encourage these activities, we recently added a new program called “IMPACT” to the contest so that drummers and beatmakers can share the stories of their efforts to improve the planet. Some of these stories from current and former HLAG contestants, as well as those of many of the world’s leading professional players, will be featured on this page and in a variety of media throughout the year.

Make your IMPACT statement by including a description of your social activism in your entry bio or by sending a short video or link to info@hitlikeagirlcontest.wpcdn-b.com.

Stay safe, keep playing and improve your skills with Hit Like A Girl's "Stick Together" project. Recorded by many of the world's top drummers and available free on Instagram @hitlikeagirlcontest, the series of short exercise videos can be played with just a pair of sticks and a practice pad.

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Since the Hit Like A Girl contest was conceived in 2011, the growth of female drumming around the world has been incredible. In looking for ways to expand the program beyond its primary focus on the drumset, we felt that a second focus on hand drumming might be highly effective in expanding the female drumming community. Our Drum Summit World Percussion program is intended to encourage and empower girls and women to play drums and share their drumming experiences. Visit the Drum Summit website to learn about the amazing drums and drummers from around the world.

Special thanks to Dom Famularo and Peter Greco for their invaluable contribution to Drum Summit.


Last Fall, female and gender-expansive drum corps, indoor and outdoor drumline drummers and percussionists participated in the first-ever Hit Like A Girl "On The Line" Virtual Marching Percussion Festival. The goal was to showcase current players and encourage more woman and girls to join them.

Field, pit, individual, ensemble, high school, college, etc... every player, organization and company in the world was invited to post their videos and photos on their social pages and tag #hlagontheline. Highlighted content was shared @hitlikeagirlcontest on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to the many great drummers, companies, organizations and brands that supported this new, online event.