Forged from a proprietary bronze developed specifically for cymbals, handcrafted from start to finish by highly skilled Swiss craftsmen, conceived and executed according to uncompromising sound concepts, Signature Cymbals are instruments of unsurpassed quality for the discerning drummer’s quest for personal creativity and musical excellence.


The S Dark Cymbal Pack marks the next era for S Family, with a darker line of cymbals that comes complete with a pair of 14” hihats, a 16″ crash, an 18″ crash, and a 20″ ride.

Random hammering and a proprietary finish push Zildjian S Family in a rich and explosive direction. Dark, complex and slightly dry, S Dark Cymbals deliver the distinctive look and sound today’s drummers demand.

The S Dark Cymbal Pack provides drummers with all the universal standard cymbal sizes to bring a darker sonic flavor to any style of music.


Zildjian FX Stacks, provide versatility to match the range of sound you’re looking for. Set them up as traditional hi-hats, or stack them. FX Stacks come in 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” and 16” and include an exclusive Zildjian Cymbolt mount for easy transitions.

TRX Cymbals

TRX Cymbal Co. is providing 4 sets of their CRX Limited Edition, Blue “AIR” low-volume cymbals to HLAG-X winners. The sets include 20″ Ride, 14″ Hi-Hats and 16″ and 18″ Crashes plus a lightweight cymbal bag. (MSRP $599.99 per set.)