Porter & Davies

The Porter & Davies BC-X is a silent bass drum monitoring system which allows the drummer to feel, hear and experience their bass drum(s) and other sound sources, like they have never felt or heard them before. The BC-X consists of our own Patented throne top and ‘engine’ (amplifer), and uses bone conduction to deliver powerful, precise and nuanced reproduction with zero timing lag. Used by the world’s leading professionals, it is designed as a ‘plug in and play’ system and is astounding with both acoustic and electronic drums. The BC-X will give you great connectivity to your drum kit whilst performing, practising, and recording.


Clarett⁺ 8Pre is a high-performance and immensely capable USB-C audio interface for PC and Mac, which inspires producers, engineers and artists to create their best work. Eight high-headroom, low-noise, low-distortion Clarett⁺ mic preamps — featuring All-analog Air with impedance switching and relay control — capture vocals, drums and acoustic instruments with precise clarity. When you’re multi-tracking a drum kit, Clarett⁺ 8Pre lets you constantly develop your musical ideas while always maintaining analogue purity and extreme audio clarity. Expand via ADAT to add eight additional inputs and outputs using Clarett+ OctoPre to maximise your creative potential and record a whole band together. The Clarett+ OctoPre is an eight-channel preamp for both the aspiring and established engineer.


Roland’s new SPD-SX PRO is the ultimate sampling pad for the most demanding gigs. With years of road testing and extensive user feedback from the SPD-S and SPD-SX, the top-tier SPD-SX PRO raises the bar again. Harnessing the advanced technology of its predecessors, the SPD-SX PRO boasts an array of requested professional enhancements and is built for life on the road. Illuminate dark stages with a large color display and customizable multi-color trigger lights. Expand your performance setup with more audio outputs, additional trigger inputs, and hi-hat and FX expression pedal control. And go further with a massive 32 GB memory, 48 kHz audio playback, increased pad sensitivity without crosstalk, and a dedicated SPD-SX PRO App for easier kit editing.