Creative Percussion

Creative Percussion is a new company that is dedicated to developing a wide range of innovative and unique effects and accessories for drummers. For HLAG 2023 CP is providing several of its most popular items as prizes, including:
Drum Taco: Designed to control your overtones with the flip of your stick.
Burnt Marshmallow Bass Drum Beater: Get articulated doubles with this hand-dyed vintage-style beater. 100% USA sourced wool all the way to the core.
Twist Rods – Rock and Jazz: Not your average multi-rod!  Made from USA sourced wood dowels and hand lacquered with fully glued grips, these will last! 
Sizzle Strap: A sizzler that is adjustable to fit 18″-24″ cymbals.  Designed so your stick won’t get caught in the chains. Made from USA sourced leather.
Jingle Strap: Add a little jingle to your stax, splashes and hi-hats.  This works great with the CP Clap Stax!  Made from USA sourced leather.
MFX Jingle Bell Ring: Add the MFX Jingle Bell Ring to any metal surface.  It’s versatile enough to go almost anywhere and adds another dimension to your sound!