RTOM is providing an assortment of their MOONGEL WORKOUT PAD and MOONGEL DAMPER PADSĀ for winners of Hit Like A Girl’s UK contest.

Moongel is the first – and still the best! – damper pad available. Its non-toxic self-adhesive gel sticks to drum heads, cymbals, and most percussion equipment, giving you a flexible dampening solution for your drum gear. Move the Moongel around the drum head and cymbal until you find and eliminate unwanted resonance. Moongel is washable and retains its stickiness, giving you years of service.

The practice pad is unique in that it has almost zero rebound, requiring you to work those arms and get your stick heights up. The Moongel Workout Pad is the workhouse of practice pads, but it pays dividends when you sit down at your kit: you’ll be able to play faster, cleaner, and with more control.