Iryna Butko – Ukraine

Producer. Singer. Drummer. It’s Never Too Late to Be a Rock Star Ideologist.

Passionate about people, heart-to-heart communication and management, for the last 20 years Iryna Butko has been dedicated to Marketing, PR and Production. However, despite the business life-style, music has always been the most important part of her world.

As a vocalist and co-founder of the BeTwins band, Iryna and her twin-sister Toma recorded and released their first album in 2014. In 2016 they became Yamaha E-Band Competition Winners in the Best Vocals category. Finally, in 2017 the girls tried their forces in the Hit Like A Girl Contest in the World Percussion category. This was the first time Iryna met a djembe.  

Driven by the inner fire, desired to express her passion to life, she began playing drums only 3.5 years ago. And in 2019 she joined HLAG Contest as a drum-set player. Many days, hours and happy minutes spent in the SkySticks Drum School in Kiev to work learn the best playing technique and sound.

“I strongly believe, that we all have an immense potential to be happy, to feel alive and to groove our personal world in the synergy with the Universe. Drumming gives us power and freedom, lightning our inner fire to become stronger and to make this world brighter,” she says.

Iryna credits Hit Like a Girl Contest with totally changing her life. This event helped put her on the wide and opened road to discovering herself. Drumming is the part of mystic soul therapy and mental care. It can guide ladies all over the world to their “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” power and beauty.

Nowadays Iryna is a member of Be Together Drum Circle. She continues to be a SkySticks Drum School student, as well.