Niri Shaul – Israel

A drummer and a dreamer, Niri believes that life is what you make it, and you better make it fun.

She plays guitar, sings, and together with the music in her life, she is also a content manager and writer, a lecturer and a travel blogger.

Drumming has completely changed her life, and from the first second on the drum set, it felt very natural to her, like it was just waiting to come out. She says it’s one of the things that fills her with great happiness, that sometimes cannot be explained in words.

For the past few years, she’s been playing in a band, and all the time continues to learn, improve, and develop her creativity in drumming.

After the experience of participating in the HLAG contest she began to research the female drumming scene in Israel, which is relatively small but super cool, and not appreciated enough, and her goal is to encourage more and more female drummers and young girls from Israel to participate in the contest, and be aware of the movement, so that eventually there will be more and more women playing in major concerts with known artists and in TV shows regularly.